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Young woman hits back after dad shares sexy adult lingerie picb

Michael Cohen, a private lawyer at President Trump, was criticized in sexy adult lingerie his social media after taking pictures of his adult daughter, Samantha Blake Cohen.

The black and white image is uploaded to his Twitter account, showing his college daughters in bra and stockings, and seems to imitate the posture of the famous photo from the 1960s icon and the Andy Warhol Muse Edie Sedgwick.

"My Ivy League daughter pride, the brain and sexy adult lingerie beauty guide her Edie Sedgwick," Trump's long-term private lawyer and his daughter's Instagram handle with Twitter.

The original tweets have been shared more than 3,500 times, forwarding 353 times.

Cohen seems to have tried to express my appreciation to her daughter, but some of his 220,000 Twitter followers have been bombarded immediately, and a user has even marked him as Mr. Creepypants.

Cohen's daughter, Samantha, wrote in an e-mail statement yesterday that "feeling the media storm" hurt, embarrassed, "wrote:

"Trying to draw my family is rude, is degrading, disgusting. This is an example of the media blowing things out of proportion, using an easy goal, a young woman, as a drag on other Young female means."

"My father did not think I was hot, and sexy adult lingerie his professional photos posted on bra and pants did not mean he was sexy to me."

"I feel hypocritical, those who think that freedom will criticize a woman who hugs her body.If people think your father sex you, how would you? Do not you feel sad and embarrassed?"