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sexy adult lingerie Packing Tips You Should Know

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At the traveler, we have solved all the big packing questions: should you roll or fold your sexy adult lingerie clothes in your suitcase? Pilots know what the packaging is, we do not know and how to wrap only ten clothes a week? However, when you fill in the trunk, you may not have thought of a major question: how to properly pack your underwear. In order to find out if we were wrong, we patted the luxury underwear brand Fleur du Mal, Jennifer Zuccarini (Jennifer Zuccarini) dealers and founders to get to take care of your extraordinary secret.

Choose your clothes - then your underwear

"In practice, the biggest mistake that people make in general is that they will not consider the specific sexy adult lingerie clothing they bring with underwear," she told CondéNast Traveler, and the worst is when you brought a new suit for a trip It just sat in your bag because you forgot to pack the right bra. "
Socks walking in your bra - not your shoes

"For a more structured bra, you should roll up the socks and wrap them in a cup to keep them in shape, fold the bra in half so that the cups are stacked and loaded with socks on one side," she Say. "So that you can take full advantage of the space in your luggage and protect your underwear."

Know your point

Travel is always difficult to cohesion wardrobe, it is more difficult to ensure that each piece of sexy adult lingerie clothing has underwear. Therefore, Zuccarini suggested in a series of coverage, such as no strap and thong in the matching bra and underwear, so that underwear more comfortable. She went to her and said: "I always wear black lace bra and underwear, like our Charlotte Lace trousers brooch and a simple black seamless lace underwear, bare strapless bra, This ensures that you are not only comfortable, but also can cover jeans, light-colored clothes, or put on the back of the number.

Always wrap paper towels

She said: "If the underwear is very delicate, you may want to choose between layers of thin paper." This can keep fine lines will not wear or wrinkle.
There are travel-style cooked food to wash hands

She said: "The size of the package of the detergent to minimize the number of sexy adult lingerie." The laundry makes these travel bags are perfect to take care of your underwear on the road. "Before you go to sleep, first wash your finger in the sink and then place it or hang it dry.Would you put your underwear in the shower and then wash it with a little shampoo.Press gently between two towels Of the underwear, and then hanging in the shower or lying dry. She said: "When washing white underwear, pay attention to shampoo with their colors (such as blue or pink). The use of cold water is also the best, so the color will not run.

Keep sexy adult lingerie separate

Packaging underwear in different bags is important for a lot of reasons. Zuccarini said: "I use a structured net bag packaging, which is separate, easy to find." "Underwear made of exquisite fabric, can be zipper or other bags were injured, so it will be with the rest of the sexy adult lingerie clothing Separation is the key.