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Kylie Jenner Poses In Sexy Adult Lingerie

There's just one more hot here! Kylie Jenner looks absolutely amazing in her latest sexy adult lingerie photo shoot, where she was stripped of black underwear to promote her new Kelly Cosmetics Lipstick Kit. This is too bad, her ex-boyfriend Tyga is gone, because he obviously missed it!

19-year-old Kylie Jenner let us be interested in every picture of her beautiful, the young star in the lace of the black underwear to mention her lipstick, we were her beautiful appearance wounded The.

In the picture, she was lying on a bed in a bra, around her waist showing a small strap, showing her slender figure. This is a girl who knows absolutely how to use her sexy look to sell her products, and we do not complain!

But there are some problems that sexy adult lingerie are popular in our minds - Kylie's former Tyga 27 is what is considered this sexy photo? Is he completely open by Kelly's beauty? Did she try to show her what he had lost before?

The two are inseparable, but now Kelly seems to have a good relationship with Travis Scott. And, as the thing on the road, Kelly seems happier. In fact, a source told HollywoodLife.com, EXCLUSIVELY she was very comfortable with Travis. We are very excited about her!

Our source tells us that she was happy for the first time because she was based on trust. The source said: "When Travis gets a text message, she will never be worried that he may sneak a little behind the way that sexy adult lingerie she always doubts Tyga. It's nice to see Kelly meet someone who treats her with respect And help her to become a human being.

"Kylie has never been happier or safer than Travis," the source added. "She thinks it's the first real, healthy relationship she as an adult." Obviously, Tyga has something to lose because Travis is now snuggling with the hot lambs in black lace underwear!